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      Before you transfer Antalya to Alanya , you should know thıs information and read this article

      Alanya is a country in Antalya in mediterranean region . İt is 154 kilometresto city centre. Alanya that takes place in South Coast of Turkey has 1598,51 km2 range and 291,643 population in 2015. Historical Places in Alanya = Alanya Castle , Kızılkule , Harbour City Wall , Grafitli Fountain , Bonded Warehause, Shipyard , Tophane , Tophane Neighborhood , Meyyit Door , Historical Sarnich Door , Girne Fountain , Shirahane , Alanya Houses , Hamam önü Digging , Historical Turkish Bath , Royal mint , Bedesten , Lighthouse , Gemili mescit , Arasta , Aleaddin Keykubat Palace…
      You can take our transfer service from Antalya Airport or Gzipasha Airport to Alanya , whenever you need and wherever you go with cheapest price.

      For all guests who desire a holiday in Alanya , we aduise you to read this article carefully if you need a return transfer to Alanya Gazipasha Airport.

      Remax Transfer , the most trustable company in Alanya , is proud of giung the best 7/24 transfer service to Antalya /Gazipasha Airport. After you flight , itis sometimes not easy to arrive your hotel . İt might take 3.5 hours to get yor hotel from airport.

      Remax Transfer gives you VİP transport service personal vehicle , shuttle , upon your person number and the hotel’s location you want to go . İt’s important to call our transport company ( +902425181451) fort he cheapest , most suitable and the fastest transfer service .


      For exomple if you have 6 person in yor family , itis more suitable for you to take 4 – 6 person VİP transfer approximately 350 tl in 2019.

      If you think that it’s faster , you will arrive yor hotel with the same price.

      Alanya Transfer Price

      It’s changable upon yor person number , transfer type and the airport you want to go.

      For 2019 price list , the cheapest Alanya transfer price changes upon 25-60 tl for person , private and VİP vehicles differs from 200-450tl. For 0-5 year old child , second child is included in price.

      You can choose Alanya transfer service wich is the most appropriate for you ( shuttle or VİP transfer with Personel vehicle upon to yor person number)

      Alanya Transfer tomorrow