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      Things you should know before transfer from Belek to Antalya Airport

      One of the most common problemduring travelling is transfer process . İt might be quite difficult can be higher if you make a wrong choice , you get worse and youcan be disappointed.

      Not to challenge this difficultnes and to have on enjoyable and comfortable journey , you should give importance to some details . When choosing a transfer company , the most important thing that should be known is the advontages of the company.

      Comfortable Journey

      The most important point when choosing a transfer is the quality of transfer vehicles . Old fashioned and neglected vehiclecan not give you any comfort and isnot trustable enough . İf you think long hours you spend while travelling , the frst point you gıve importonce should be the vehicle . A new and luxury vehicle  provides you a comfortable travel . İf you choose travelling inSummer . itis more necessorry to choose a luxury vehicle.  A comfortable travel doesn’t feel you tired befor flying.

      Fast Travel

      Another pointof travelling is time . İt’s necessory to  know yor transfer vehicle how mauch time spending on yor way . İf you chosse a personel transfer vehicle , it cost more expensive . The best way is comfart transportation with providing you know travel fastness and stopping points. Time is very importont in airoport transfer.

      Easy Baggage Transfer

      Travelling means heavy baggage . Also , you buy some souveniers during holliday and means extra heavy baggage. İt’s importon to know about yor travel company if it receives all yor heavy baggage or no. Another point is to know if the travel company give service of packing and unpocking yor baggage  or no.

      Safe Journey

      • All the things written below is vey  important
      • The driver’s expeirence
      • Company’s service quality

      New and full-equipped vehicle provides you high security

      BELEK Transfer tomorrow